Meet the new players of Team Spirit’s CS:GO roster

3 марта 2019, автор: 0x04b8

Artyom «iDISBALANCE» Egorov and Leonid «Chopper» Vishnyakov joined the Dragons! Artyom and Leonid previously played for Syman Gaming and Vega Squadron respectively.

Leonid is a well known player for those who follows CIS pro-scene. Over the past years he has played at several majors (in Katowice, London, Boston and Krakow), he played in a few Minor finals (first places at Kraków 2017 & Atlanta 2017) and in other prestigious competitions. In particular, Leonid is a two-time champion of China Top Series tournaments.

Artyom is a vivid example of a young and promising player who can become a new star in the CIS with a proper support from teammates!

On March 4, at 22:00 Moscow time, the updated Team Spirit roster will debut at ESEA Season 30 against AGO. Come watch the clash and cheer for the Dragons!

Commentary of Team Spirit’s manager Ruslan Bugrin:
«Having decided to change the roster, we immediately began testing different players in order to understand who we want to continue with. Almost immediately agreed to choose Leonid, with whom we started searching for a sniper. The searches were not a long process: the tests showed that Artyom, who had played very well lately, fits perfectly into our team.

After the searches, we immediately started joint training sessions and we will be able to try out the new roster in the official matches very soon!»

Current Team Spirit CS:GO roster:
Pavel «COLDYY1» Veklenko
Dmitriy «S0tF1k» Forostyanko
Victor «somedieyoung» Orudzhev
Leonid «chopper» Vishnyakov
Artyom «iDISBALANCE» Egorov