S0tF1k: «We are training non-stop right now»

7 марта 2019, автор: 0x04b8

Most CS: GO matches after the changes in the roster can hardly be called successful. We asked the team captain Dmitry “S0Tf1k” Forostyanko to explain to the fans and us what caused the problems and what are the ways to solve them.

«We have completed the search for new players on March 2. We knew that after the changes in the roster, the team would have a short-term recession. This could have been avoided by refusing to participate in the tournaments and fully focusing on the preparation process for the Starladder i-League Season 7. But all of the official games are too important for us, so we decided not to abandon them.

The team restructuring process affects everything. For example, Leonid «Chopper» Vishnyakov had to change his usual positions and points on all the maps, both for the attack and for the defense. All players has stepped out of the comfort zone. In fact, we are rebuilding our team play from scratch.

After several training sessions, we saw a very huge potential of the team and realized how motivated and focused we are on the result. We are training non-stop right now, on March 21, the team goes to the bootcamp. It is going to be a very intense preparation for Starladder i-League, which will be the first real test of the new squad. Now we only need time and your faith in the team».

Current Team Spirit CS:GO lineup:
Pavel «COLDYY1» Veklenko
Dmitriy «S0tF1k» Forostyanko
Victor «somedieyoung» Orudzhev
Leonid «chopper» Vishnyakov
Artyom «iDISBALANCE» Egorov