Team Spirit has parted ways with Dima & DavCost

26 февраля 2019, автор: 0x04b8

After Katowice Major we told we’ll come back stronger and even more focused on winning with a new roster. Today we announce first changes: we say farewell to Dmitriy «Dima» Bandurka and Vadim «DavCost» Vasilyev.

Dmitriy and Vadim have been playing in the team for more than 2 years since the inception of CS:GO roster. During that long period they went through many challenges, have progressed both individually and as a team.

We are very grateful to Dmitriy and Vadim for all what they have done for the team, for the great memories they gave us and we wish them all the best in a future career. So it’s time for us to go further: we are looking for new Dragons now.

Manager of Team Spirit Ruslan Buhryn:
«Katowice performance showed that a drastic changes must be made. A little break was taken, so everyone could think about what to offer and which way we need to choose. When we’ve started the discussion, a very difficult decision was made. We decided to make two replacements in the roster. It was even harder to say goodbye to someone because we were more than just a team — we were a family.

Vadim and Dima are great players and excellent teammates! I hope they’ll find a new team and we’ll face them at LAN events! I want to sincerely thank the guys for the work done! There would have been no Team Spirit without them!»

Current Team Spirit CS:GO roster:
Pavel «COLDYY1» Veklenko
Dmitriy «S0tF1k» Forostyanko
Victor «somedieyoung» Orudzhev