Chopper: «Our goal now is to keep being sharp»

28 октября 2020, автор: 0x04b8

IEM New York Online has ended, now it’s time to sum everything up and learn from mistakes. Our IGL Leonid «Chopper» Vishnyakov will answer questions about team’s performance this tournament and future plans.

— First and foremost, a question about current pandemic. Before RMR tournament Na’Vi has faced health problems with Perfecto. What about Team Spirit players? Is everyone safe? What was the goal for this tournament: to win it or to get enough points to maintain the 1st place in the rankings?

— Hello everyone, our team didn’t have any health issues, we all stay safe at home, so everyone is feeling good. Regarding our goals: there were minimum and maximum ones: we achieved the former, but obviously everyone wanted to win the tournament.

— You wrote on your VK page that you played very bad at the tournament. But the group stage was relatively clean, 0 losses. Why is this result unsatisfying for you?

— It was an easy group stage for us, we played well at EPL and went on with it this RMR: we have our own playstyle, and all in all we dealt with whatever other teams brought to the group without big issues. On the other hand, we had 3 losses on the first maps, so it shows that not everything went 100% smoothly. You see, after EPL some our players weren’t in top form even though we didn’t take a break afterward, but regardless we tried hard to show our best in the RMR tournament.

— You won a game vs. Nemiga in the group, but lost against them in playoffs. What was the difference between those 2 matches?

— Both in groups and in playoffs we lost on Inferno, but in playoffs we played better on that than previous 2-3 times. Next map was Nuke, where we lost all important clutches which could swing the economy situation. After that they had a 2 free rounds every time. In addition, we lost an eco-round on the CT side, which ruined our economy once again and gave Nemiga confidence to win the match.

— Semifinals is acceptable, although not the best possible result. What went well for Team Spirit at this RMR tournament? In what aspects did you play to your best? What things will you focus on improving the most now?

— At this tournament we managed to not get discouraged after our 1st map losses. Everyone understood that the following day we would watch them back and analyze what went wrong. So after those we just played like it was 0-0 and won 2 maps without any problems. I think, everything was fine until semifinals, where we were not in a good form. First of all we should watch and analyze our gameplay on Inferno and Dust II, these maps we have to improve the most at after this tournament.

— Who is your MVP for this tournament?

— Mir was the strongest player, but I would give the MVP award to Magixx, because he shows that playing FPL a lot can improve your skill in official matches. His game sense is improving and now he helps me with good calls. He wasn’t in his best form after the summer break, but he understood what he should do to improve his game and nowhe shows a lot of cool moves in officials once again.

— What team has surprised you the most?

— I like performance there. How they confidently and almost rigidly they beat everyone. Nice to see their comeback to top form, the return of Buster helps them a lot.

— Your next tournament is IEM Beijing European Qualifiers. Have you started training right after the RMR of taken a small break? How do you spend your days between tournaments?

— We didn’t take a break; our goal now is to keep being sharp and improve the things that didn’t work well at RMR. I’ve returned from a team house and now spend all my time at home.

— From a fan point-of-view, IEM EU Qualifiers seem relatively easy for you. How do you rate your chances to qualify? What is the most dangerous team there at the moment? Do you have a special preparation for anyone?

— I think that we will prepare for everyone in the same way. We will watch their demos, make a plan how to approach the game and just play. I think that Sprout, North and Godsent are in a good form now — they will be our main opponents in the qualifiers.