SilverName is invited to EMEA Battlegrounds Cup

8 октября 2020, автор: 0x04b8

Hearthstone Grandmasters Season 2 comes to an end but that is only the beginning for Vlad!

EMEA Battlegrounds Cup is the first official Blizzard tournament in Battlegrounds mode and it is set to start on October 16. Our own Silvername is going to be one of the participants.

— 16 players will be divided in 8 pairs with 1 ladder player & 1 community invited player. Silvername will be playing with guDDummit.

— Eight pairs will be split into Division A and Division B.

— Division A will compete on Friday October 16 to determine top 2 teams to advance into the playoffs on Sunday, October 18. Division B will compete on Saturday, October 17.

— On Sunday eight lobbies will be formed from two top teams from each day.

— Prizing will be distributed among the top 4 teams as follows:
Team 1: $5,000 (USD) — $2,500 each
Team 2: $2,400 (USD) — $1,200 each
Team 3: $1,600 (USD) — $800 each
Team 4: $1,000 (USD) — $500 each

Full list of teams:
Yellow — XQN, Budilicious
Green — guDDummit, SIlvername
White — Fritterus, Sjow
Purple — Rogojine, TheFishou
Red — Habugabu, Rdu
Orange — Izyum, SirSalty
Black — alexisdiesel, Oliech
Blue — TypicalHanz0, Sinedd