Team Spirit CS:GO roster changes

26 августа 2019, автор: 0x04b8

A few months ago our CS:GO team have experienced changes for the first time in a one and half year. Unfortunatelly, we were not able to achieve the desired result and, therefore, some adjustments will occur in the team again.

Here is what CEO of Team Spirit Nikita Chukalin has to say:

«Two replacements that were made after Katowice Major obviously has not worked out. In the coming month, the entire structure of CS: GO division in our organization will be reformed, it will affect directly the roster in a first place. We have specific plans to expand the coaching staff and introduce other elements to improve the work of the team. After this period, we will return with a series of announcements, stronger and more prepared for the new season. I think we will be able to give the CIS scene a few new, big names;)»

In the next few weeks, we will hold a tryout aimed at finding the optimal starting five, after which the new roster will be announced.